Virus Removal Service

Get the Ultimate in Virus Protection

Letʼs face it, viruses can be scary. Every time you go online you could encounter malware designed to steal your identity, destroy your files or take over your computer. To keep your whole home safe, you need virus protection that goes beyond the basics.

How Norton One Helps

With Norton One, you get multiple lines of defense against viruses. Every membership begins with your favorite security products like Norton Internet Security, Norton Mobile Security and Norton 360. They feature comprehensive virus protection designed to stop malware and other online threats before they reach your computer or mobile device.

To give you even more peace of mind, your membership also includes our virus removal service. If any of your devices gets a virus, Norton One member support can access your computer and remove it remotely. Call anytime, give them your member number, and they’ll get started.

Still Have Questions?

Norton One member support can also give you insight into the kind of virus youʼve caught. Is it dangerous? Is it capable of stealing your personal information? Is it designed to damage your computer or erase your files? While most computer viruses are pests rather than dangers, youʼll want to know exactly what youʼve caught and what it does. Norton One member support can give you fast answers so that you understand the nature of the threat and what you can do about it.