Norton One for Windows PCs

Upgrade Your Windows Security

Your Windows computer features the most popular operating system in the world—but it’s also a tempting target for the bad guys. With Norton One, you get powerful, easy-to-use Windows security that helps keep you and your stuff safe from online threats and file loss.

How It Works

When you add a PC to Norton One, youʼll start by downloading Norton 360. This top-rated application can help you:

  • Secure your computer, your identity, and your stuff
  • Shop and socialize without worry, slowdowns, or disruption
  • Protect your kids from online threat
  • Keep your PC running fast and trouble free

With Norton One, youʼll also start with a premium level of Norton file protection. This allows you to send 25 GB of your favorite music, photos, videos, and documents to our servers, where theyʼll be protected by a professionally-managed backup system with government level-encryption. No matter what happens to your computer, your files will stay safe.

And you have powerful anti-theft capabilities that allow you to locate, follow, and lock down your lost or stolen PC.

Still Have Questions?

You can always call Norton One member support to ensure that youʼre getting the most out of your computer—and your membership. If youʼre a Norton One Member, you can reach us via phone or chat any time of day, any day of the year, and weʼll be happy to answer any concerns you have about Windows security and staying safe online.